Introducing Terri Lynn Emerson 

The Fenix - Writer

Terri Lynn Emerson signed on to the project in January 2017. Ms. Emerson is a professional screenwriter in the Tampa Bay area. Her extensive research has included Arnie's speeches, interviews, student letters and Janet Lee's records. Terri is an accomplished screenwriter and mentor to writers in the Tampa Bay area. She brings years of experience teaching in elementary classrooms as a reading specialist and literacy lead.

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Michael K. Snyder

Script Editor/Representative

Michael has been in the film industry since his mid teens working with legendary filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman before his move to Los Angeles. Michael has worked as a producer and screenwriter alongside industry professionals at some of Hollywood's largest production companies. Michael currently has projects in various stages of development including six feature films and three television shows. He recently had two of his films, LUST and INFATUATION, screened at The Cannes Film Festival in France. He holds both Bachelor’s & MBA degrees.

Joe Davison

Arnie Co-Writer

Florida Film Network, Co-Owner of Red Gears Studios, and the founder of the charity organization Robots for a Cure. He specializes in film packaging and fund raising, treatment writing, and crowd-sourcing. The web development portion of his company has developed seven websites, countless logos, and it also specializes in branding. His passion for helping others is translated beautifully in the Arnie screenplay.